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Telecom Services

Telecom Infrastructure Installation & maintenance services

GSM/CDMA/WLL Mobile Telecom Systems

  • Installation of Shelter, BTS,DDF,FDF, Batteries, DC Power Plant, Antenna, DGs & other allied equipments
  • Commissioning, AT & Maintenance of DC systems (DC Power Plants & VRLA Batteries) for OEMs
  • Fabrication, laying & installation of Cable Trays

Basic Telecom system

  • Complete Integration, Testing, Installation & repairing of C-DOT 256P/SBM/ MAX L/MAX XL/AN RAX exchanges for various OEMs

Electrical Works

  • AC Power Cabling of SMPS Power Plants from 3 Phase/single phase mains supply, for Air conditioners & their protection units, DG Set etc.
  • DC Power Cabling from SMPS to exchanges/BTS.
  • Copper & GI Plate Earthing.